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Epilepsy in Young Children - HTML

Epilepsy in young Children

This site is intended to support parents and other caregivers of children with epilepsy. The main portion of this site consists of stories of individual children. The information in each of these stories is contributed by the parents (or other caregivers) of these children. Each story includes an email address of these parents, so that visitors can get in touch with those parents.
Warning: Most cases of epilepsy/seizures are of a mild nature. Epilepsy is often not recognized or it's considered day-dreaming for a long time. The stories of the children that you find on this site are in general a bit more severe. Please keep that in mind while reading.

There are currently 2052 stories on this site. In order to help you to find relevant stories for you to read, you can search for stories in different ways: by childname, by diagnosis, by treatment or by age. By combining all stories, some statistics are generated with regards to certain treatments and diagnoses. These statistics are not 'scientifically correct', and they were never intended to be. However, these statistics might give readers an idea about the reported results of a treatment. These statistics can be found on the treatment and diagnosis pages. You can also find links to other sites on those pages.

Associated with this site is an email group that is dedicated to childhood epilepsy. You can join the email group after which you can participate. If you only want to read the messages, you can go to the archive.

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or contributions, please email me.

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